Master Classes & Workshops

I love giving workshops for children and underprivileged children around the world. My favourite are chamber music workshops, where I can bring children to peak performance on stage within a short period of time through inspiration only. I give many masterclasses with Mozart interpretation and masterclasses for the entire flute repertoire.


Sandor Végh Symposium Austria
Chamber music workshop Drogheda, Ireland
Peace Communication Project, Northern Ireland for Catholics and Protestants (Flute, Harp, Clarinet, Violin, Cello)
Chamber Music Workshop at North Cork Music Festival, Ireland
Chamber Music Workshop and Masterclass for Flute Conservatoire Tehran, Iran
Woodwind Coaching for the Austro Iranian Youth Symphony Orchestra
Flute Solo Repertoire Masterclass, China
Flute Masterclass, New Delhi, India
Masterclass in the Hugo Lambrecht Music Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
Chamber Music Workshop in Dundalk, College of Music, Ireland
Flute Masterclass and Workshop as Guest Tutor in the University of Melbourne , Australia
Several Chamber Music Workshops in Townships for underpriviledged children in townships in Cape Town, South Africa (Yehudi Menuhin Foundation)


Due to my extensive experience in stage performance, I am happy to offer many tools to master stagefright, and help you to achieve a great performance, no matter what.