Music for Meditation & Healing

Karin Leitner & Michael Hammer

I have studied all my life, how SOUND influences the body,
changes emotions, calms, relaxes, brings instant joy and upliftment.


I create music that inspires, heals, uplifts and changes.

2 very powerful CDs
for deep relaxation in a special frequency of 432 Hertz


Following benefits can be expected:

Deep Tissue Relaxation

Better sleep

Equalization of blood pressure

Deep Inner Organ Relaxation

Relaxed Breathing

Emotions calm down

Inner Peace


Go on a Journey to re-integrate the elements in your body & psyche

COVER Final!!

These CDs bring about a deep connection with all the elements, one feels closer to ONESELF, to nature, to all that is, has hope again, opens up to the elements in nature and finds peace. All this happens subconsciously because when I composed the music, I had to go through immense challenges with those elements myself, experienced pain, ecstasy and huge emotions, miracles and deep abysses to convey the whole spectrum into music acessible for humankind

Apart from that, I wanted to create a happy, relaxed Christmas album that disperses stress or dramas instantly, so I used chill jazz arrangements of famous Christmas Music, which guarantees a relaxed time with family and friends


Finally my love for Ireland, its landscape, nature spirits and lush green countryside is anchored in my 2 Irish albums. It creates instant calmness and serenity.

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